More than Just your Business’ Promoters: The 5 “Tweeting” Duties of a Twitter Virtual Assistant

The 5 “Tweeting” Duties of a Twitter Virtual AssistantSocial networking has been the most renowned way of communication for the new generation. Facebook, Tumblr, Friendfeed, Yahoo! Buzz, Digg, MySpace and of course, Twitter are just few of the most popular ones. With this evolution of social media, along comes opportunities for individuals to professionally broaden their horizons. Hence the dawn of Twitter virtual assistants.

Twitter virtual assistants have been drastically weaving their name in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. They are social media marketing specialists because they possess the skills and knowledge particularly on Twitter – its purpose, function, and strategies. These skills and knowledge cover both the technical and creative duties involved in the job.

If you are wondering what they do here are the five major duties of a Twitter virtual assistant:

  1. They expose your brand online. Virtual assistants are agents of your company’s online promotion and reaching out stratagem. They cultivate relationships between your company and customers using Twitter’s platform. Basically they participate on behalf of your business by supervising conversations and events online with full protection of the brand as well as the company’s name in the web.
  2. They interact with the community.That community can be your fellow business owners, customers, or enthusiasts of your brand. They establish a harmonious relationship these people and aim to uphold a strong partnership with them as days go by. As interactor’s they initiate conversations and at some point take action when crisis arise in a timely and professional manner.
  3. The 5 “Tweeting” Duties of a Twitter Virtual AssistantThey provide customers with technical assistance. As your brand ambassadors Twitter virtual assistants learn your products inside-out. They come in handy when customers reach out to you when problems occur. Trained in customer service they can handle situations with positivity and tact by appreciating your customers’ time and effort, being cautious in conversing with them, and giving the most appropriate information in a warm and kindly manner.
  4. They make presentations and other informative media. That’s for further promotion of your products. They can lend their creativity in putting up a presentation that showcases your products, more specifically its benefits.
  5. They continuously study developments in social media. As social media is a dynamic arena, Twitter virtual assistants always keep themselves abreast with the trends and tools from which your marketing strategy can benefit a lot.
  6. With all these things that a Twitter virtual assistant can do your business promotion is in good hands. So whenever you cannot withstand all the pressures of your business any longer and you need someone to let the world know that there’s someone in your company that can solve their problems a Twitter virtual assistant is ready to come to your rescue. They have adequate skills, mastery of the Twittersphere, and proficiency in engaging with your online customers.

    Don’t be left behind. Search for an outsourcing company that offers Twitter marketing services and let them tweet about your business!

Get and Give Updates with No Sweat through a Twitter Virtual Assistant

You think technology’s catching up on you and you’ll realize you have a very limited network since you have no time to learn or tinker on social networking sites everyone has been buzzing about? Want to let the virtual world feel your existence, increase your popularity, heighten your notoriety and widen your network? Make yourself known on one of the hottest social networking fads on the planet – Twitter. There’s one problem though, you‘re technologically illiterate. Not a problem. Social media marketing services heed your plea and came up with Twitter online personal assistants to do all these tweeting and twittering things for you. Problem solved. Sweet, right?


No Sweat: Get Updated – Without Doing Anything

Twitter is one of the “it” things when it comes to social networking worldwide. Don’t have your friend’s number? Want to catch up with someones’ life or your favorite celebrity? No need to go through all the fuss and go all stalker mode on them anymore. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a Twitter virtual assistant to check their Twitter accounts — you’ll surely be updated with their lives in just a few minutes. Believe me.


Let Them Know What You’re Up to through your Twitter Virtual Assistant

Want your friends to know what you’re up to but you’re either too lazy, too busy or all these things that need to be clicked and learned on twitter give you a headache? Fret no more. Thanks to the genius idea of providing social media marketing virtual assistant services, everyones’ lives become easier. From celebrities who are just plain busy down to companies who want to extend their network, or even for individuals like you who just want to be twitter-present but don’t have the capacity or ability to do so. Get yourself a personal assistant to do all the updating tasks for you on one of the most popular social networking sites there is.


With a Twitter virtual assistant, you’ll know what’s up or let people know what’s going on with your life without sweating it. Not only will this help you learn this and that and what’s what with anybody and everything, but will not take any of your precious time which is allotted for more important matters as well. This is also a huge help for all the tech-phobes out there who think they’re shedding a lot of brain cells just to understand how these things work but at the end of the day can’t still understand it. So why not let social media services’ answer your cry for support and get yourself a Twitter virtual assistant now?

3 Applications Your Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Use For Better Link Building Efforts

Social media is good but too much social media is such a pain you’d wish there was just one tool to direct things out and still come up with the best possible results. It will always be on top of your task list to get high search results rankings. Here enters the importance of link building in social media. The option to outsource SEO link building presents a relative advantage.

Link building is a vast element of Search Engine Optimization that covers all grounds of online functions and programs. Social Networks can be the best highway to generate a series of link chains that would enable increased search engine positioning. As social media is the infamous venue where online traffic is going upstream, your mission to find and create links is achievable, but hard. Why? Imagine finding a valuable tiny piece of gem stone in grains of sand. This is how brutally exhausting a social network can get. Credibility of links will always be a striking issue. One of the more popular social networking sites is Twitter. Yes, a rather prominent fixture in Social Media. The challenge now is coming up with the best, credible, relevant accounts to build links with. But tasking as it may seem, you will always have an easier time to get around the bushes of SEO link building when you are equipped with the right tools in hand. Let us try to narrow down our focus to Twitter Application Tools designed to boost up a potential link building breakthrough.



Advantages is generally built for online enterprises to support and manage their social media functions on the World Wide Web. This provides for a better interaction between online users, manages campaigns and public relations, provides customer service, and ultimately optimizing your product’s visibility.


Social Media is not just about Twitter, one of the more vital social networks of this generation is Facebook. Unfortunately, CoTweet does not have function to support FB which may be a big hinderence to all your social media endeavors.




TweetDeck boasts a 19% market share as of June 2009, a big feat in a competition-filled virtual arena. It has also been developed for compatibility with several operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS X). It serves as a more organized Twitter application that would best support Tweet updates and following.


Currently, one major disadvantage of Tweetdeck is handling several accounts. It can also be resource exhausting for the processing memory of your machine and could eventually slow and freeze everything up.




Laterbro is the classic simple version of all twitter applications. It revolves around the managing of your Twitter updates and scheduling tweet posts. In the busy world that is social media, you sometimes just need a dose of fresh air, and presents a plain but fundamentally accurate social network application.


What makes it live could be the very cause of its death. Ironic as it may seem but the fact that it doesn’t boost a variety of application functions and gives the notion of limited Social Media Activity. Users would always look for ways to make their life easier and not exhaust too much effort and Laterbro isn’t much up to the task of doing so.

As far as the social media scene is concerned, there are a variety of tools to select from. After all, it comes down to what suits you best. As your to-do list takes on a full swing and gets longer, your option to outsource SEO link building tasks and finding the best application tool could just be your saving grace to a better link building endeavor. In some cases, SEO is such a complex social media element that social media tools cannot cater to everything. Equipped with the right tools plus the right SEO packages can catapult your way up the Social Media hierarchy and link building credibility.

Tweet Your Way To Success: A 6-Point Guide To Effective Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a microblogging service designed to post straightforward and up to the point messages. This social network has progressed and developed into a medium amassing a worldwide hoopla. No wonder even business trades have taken its cue and joined in the bandwagon of “tweeting”.

It is, however, glaring that even with the power of Twitter to reach online social communities, there are still marketing ventures that flopped. It must be taken into account that Twitter is not the same as all the other social networking media. It works through brief, concise and simple conversations. Press releases, lengthy marketing copies, and other PR strategies isn’t as much the proper form to relay your business to the public.

Twitter gives much significance to one-to-one interaction with your customers. You have yourself the benefit to get the business in public eye that would stir the online populace’s interest. But, there are many marketing loops that you have to untangle. The social media is just your promotional medium. It is your part to take hold of the important details in the process that won’t compromise how your marketing turns-out in the end.

With constant maintenance and the perks of a free service, your Twitter account can present your business to a wider scope of target clientele. Here are some of the many tips to further boost your business marketing that would spell out a big success for you.

  1. Build-up your business

    Talking about your business using Twitter could provide a framework for online users to see. You may present it in an interesting and entertaining manner so as to promote a jolly, fun atmosphere that would attract people to visit and interact. Updates and other company tidbits would be accessible for people’s reference that would be very useful to them. Inject personality and avoid constant propaganda as this would turn potential clients off.

  2. Tweet about your business updates

    It is a part of your marketing plan to present the best and the latest of what your company has to offer. News stories are very much a fad in the Twittersphere and you have to be involved. Releasing news stories of your own business can make people knowledgeable of your services or products.

  3. Build links

    Try to find sources for your tweets. News headlines, current data and stats should be provided with a link. This will provide traffic in-flow to your site that would best optimize your business. Just make sure you’re linking to a relevant and credible source.

  4. Monitor conversations

    With the aid of Twitter Search feature you can now weigh the feedback customers have on your business. Furthermore, this can also provide you with additional information that would aid in maintaining and improving your commercial trade.

  5. Engage and provide customer support

    It is the value of interaction that would effectively promote your business. Being able to attract and engage people to your site will pave the way for possible exchanges that will benefit both parties. Customer support is the proper venue to answer every client’s inquiry. This would give a good account of your company as people will deem it as a helpful commercial business.

  6. Organize and promote events

    One of the more effective promotional strategies is through requesting potential customers to join and participate in your business’ event. Tweet away invites and schedules for people to take note. After engaging customers, this will be a good way of stabilizing relationships with them.

    It is a proper thing to live by the rules. Remember that Twitter harnesses the spirit of community and being part of one entitles you to follow set standards and rules. With the advent of new social networking mediums and how competition in the business world takes fast-paced motions, it is your utmost mission to avail of the best social networks and get ahead of the pact. Twitter is the real deal to help you achieve all your marketing visions. Bottomline is, business in Twitter can go far; incorporate the “Twitter must-do’s” and you’ll get leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.

    If you’re ready to take your business to Twitter but have no time to manage it, hire our Twitter virtual assistants and we’ll tweet your business to success!

5 Twitter Facts You Should Master for a Successful Twitter Marketing Venture

It is essential that before you plunge into something you hope to turn out big, or to be instrumental to your success, you should have relevant data and facts to back you up. If you do your move via impulse alone, chances are you will stumble along the way. The same idea plays a big part in Internet marketing through Twitter.

Twitter is arguably one of the most talked about social media platforms among marketers.
Because of its relevant influence, more and more people join the craze hoping that in one way or another, they will achieve the same success expert Twitter marketers have achieved.

But Twitter marketing isn’t a game of luck. You need to ponder on important aspects if you would want to make a name in the Twittersphere. Would you put your fate on sheer luck alone? Of course not, you want to be sure with your every move. Although Twitter isn’t costly compared to other social media marketing platforms, you would still spend considerable time and effort for your campaign. For sure, you wouldn’t want to spend such valuable elements only to get results way below your expectations.

To make things easier and to lighten up your mood, here are five facts you ought to know before you set out to market your business on Twitter:

  1. Using a moniker helps.

    You might find it difficult to get a significant number of Twitter followers. If that is the case, then why not try giving yourself a name? Dan Zarrella’s research reveals a list of names you can call yourself to get more followers than the average Twitter account. Among the top five monikers you can use (from 1 to 5) are “official,” “founder,” “speaker,” “expert,” and “guru.” This shows that people naturally follow other people whom they can sense to have authority and some sort of influence.

  2. Twitter users want to learn about your products or services.

    Here are some things that Twitter users perceive or would want to know about a product and service.

    • 42% of Twitter users wish to learn about products and services
    • 41% already provide opinions about them
    • 28% want discounts and offers and 21% claim to purchase products
    • 19% are using Twitter as a customer support platform
  3. Promotional programs with discounts win customers.

    Research shows that 51% of Twitter users follow brands or companies while only 16% do the same on all other social networks. If you want to generate some new top-of-the-line revenue for your business, Twitter would be a great place to start with if you want to focus on attracting new customers. And to do so you should consider putting together a promotional program with discounts to attract those deal hunters.

    You should nonetheless study the pros and cons before you start tweeting discounts to one-time customers who will never pay full-price. This is essential especially if your goal is to build long term relationship with your customers who will want to keep buying from you. Knowing your customers on Twitter will surely boost the effectiveness of your Internet marketing.

  4. Inform, entertain, educate!

    The question about what to tweet is continuously bugging every Twitter user who wants to get noticed. The answer to this really depends on your purpose in using this social media. Based on research, the top five ReTweet content types fall under “News,” “Instructional,” “Entertainment,” “Opinion,” and “Products.”

    In addition, if you want to have a clear basis about the most ReTweetable words, Dan’s research on what to tweet to get the most retweet will help you a lot. The top 5 most ReTweetable words are “you,” “twitter,” “please,” “retweet,” and ‘words.”

  5. Tweeting entails timing.

    Timing plays a significant role in Twitter just as it is significant in email marketing. If you have interesting tweets to share but only have few online followers to see it, the tweet will be a bust.

    Knowing the best schedule to tweet is like adding to your messages’ reaching power. A HubSpot report says that the best day to tweet is Thursday and Friday while the best times to tweet are 3 -5 pm as well as 9 – 11pm Eastern Time.

    Keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t mean you won’t get ReTweets or clicks during off-peak hours. Although off-peak hours give you less traffic to engage, it also translates to less competition. So, learn to manage your time strategically.

Twitter is a great platform to cultivate that budding relationship with your customers. Like any other relationship, you must know how to get your customers attention first and their trust in the end. Like all decisions in business you must first identify your desired outcome before you jump in. A precise business and marketing objective will bring clarity to unrealized assumptions.

Assumptions in marketing should be based on facts and figures. Your ultimate goal is to connect with your customers for you to address their needs and for them to patronize your product or brand. This is a challenging task but with the Twitter facts mentioned above, and with the help of a Twitter virtual assistant, there’s a huge possibility that your Twitter marketing will be a sure fire hit!

5 Tips for Writing a Twitter Bio that Speaks About YOU!

Delivering short messages with great effect is comparable to how comedians entertain people with short punch lines. It requires creativity and the right play of words. This is evident in Twitter, which serves as a platform for expression of your thoughts in a short and sweet manner. With Twitter’s word count limitation, it presents a great challenge for every marketer to effectively convey their brand message.

This is a great way to exercise your mind and extract those creative juices. Status updates and tweets all reflect some mind storms. Despite this challenge, Twitter still managed to get the nod of several users to be considered as one of the most effective advertising platforms. For most users, Twitter has always been an effective social media tool, for the following reasons:

  • Twitter is a place where we learn about new things.
  • The followers can be considered as your ambassadors.
  • Different interests are shared on this social network.

It is therefore vital for you to accept Twitter’s challenge with a creative mindset. You can start this with your own Twitter bio. Here are some tips that will help you make yours really interesting:

  1. Pick the right words

    A Thesaurus can be of great help on this step. You have to know how to pick words with fewer characters. Just make sure that the meaning have the same effect, though. Why pick “choose” when you can choose “pick”?

  2. Avoid adverbs.

    Always think that adverbs can affect the content’s meaning. On Twitter, you can use them, but maybe not too often. Or better yet, stop using them.

  3. Integrate Keywords in it.

    Twitter and everything in it are also used for searching purposes. Injecting keywords in your bio will make your profile popular and most sought after, at least in your targeted niche.

  4. Set your priorities.

    You have to make sure that your goals are focused in your bio. Indicate what your business is for so your readers will know from reading your profile.

  5. Be simple.

    Simple words can tell the whole meaning. Simple, right?

Following the above mentioned list will give you considerable leverage on Twitter. Moreover, you should keep in mind the things you need to avoid, such as quoting others with “zero relevancy” and business benefits and the dilemma of not reviewing the bio to keep it 160 characters long. Every character counts; use them wisely.

The above mentioned tips are concise yet helpful enough to guide you in attracting more Twitter followers. It’s not the length of words that actually matters; it’s the idea behind those words and the thought that comes out once those words get through to your target market. That means it’s important for your target audience understand and appreciate the thought you want to deliver.

With the help of a Twitter Virtual Assistant, start creating the best bio for your profile!

Twitter Pitfalls: 6 Big Mistakes You Should Avoid To Fast-Track Your Twitter Venture

Twitter virtual assistantSometimes in our quest to get the most out of what Twitter can offer we commit more mistakes rather than capitalize on the apparent advantages it presents. This social network can leverage our social media endeavors but we fail to ponder on the essentials that may cause us more harm than good later down the road.

In as much as we want to boost all our efforts to yield the results through Twitter, we may be committing some concrete mistakes that would be a significant constraint to our mission. “Strike while the iron is hot” can be our mantra but you have to take in mind to ‘Strike with caution.’ After all, you wouldn’t want to face some major troubles while venturing into the social media trade.

Here are some significant mistakes that you should avoid to ensure better Twitter calls to action and get away from possible slumps that can be damaging in return.


  1. Insufficient branding
    Twitter holds account for people to visit and follow. The way you present your account would spell out the status of your following. You will just confuse users when you cannot provide concise information about your site. Furthermore, insufficient information cannot get your message across to rally and attract a prospective audience.
  2. Lack of interaction
    Twitter is social network at the helm to begin with. Surely you wouldn’t want to be branded as an introvert whom is content on going solo. This is about online social contact. This is about reaching out to other audiences. You have to learn how to communicate with others and interact with them. Being able to pull this off should mean a great deal of listening and being updated in the process.
  3. Failure to respond
    The concept of benefiting from each other in Twitter is very important. When someone tends to inquire and reach out to you, respond! You should embrace the value in responding to every inquiry. Responding to your audience is a sign that you give much importance to their concerns and will go the extra mile to provide for their demands.
  4. free twitter reportTwitter blast
    Message dissemination can never go wrong as long as you abide by the rules and limits of the network. There are instances that we just go all out and distribute messages through multiple relaying venues. The key is to avoid the general run-and-gun method of appeal where you just blast everything to a load of reception points. Find ways to be interesting and vary information for people to look forward to. Give value to every receiver of your Tweets. It may be much of a detailed function but it sure will get your Twitter page the right accolades it deserves.
  5. Proper metrics
    Sometimes we’re too content on having a good following status that we fail to realize this is just one part of measuring Twitter success. This is more than just having people follow you. The Twitter ecosystem thrives in the concept of interaction. Surely, you would want to be mentioned in other people’s tweet. More than following, you would want to know what these people do on your site, what they look forward to, and what ticks their interest. Your metrics should evolve on how much you have raised up a conversation that stirs your follower’s participation and in what value have you contributed to these exchanges.
  6. No concrete strategy
    Just by opening an account you cannot expect to achieve success. You have to clearly envision your purpose. Never generalize the fact that Twitter functions for the whole community catering to one general need. Your purpose is never the same with the other Twitter users, your set of needs is far more different from theirs. Look ahead, take note of the details and learn to make tweaks if the situation calls for it.

Being aware of these particular mistakes can very well save you from an eventual possible meltdown. It is never right to open an account and let the whole Twittersphere do the job function. In most instances, man is definitely better than machines. It may be an exaggeration but it will prevent you from committing mistakes that will block you from generating a better Twitter marketing result.

How To Create A Tweet Plan That Will Surge Your Twitter Following and Presence

Twitter marketing servicesWe are sometimes overwhelmed with how much help Twitter provides that we oversee the essentials to begin with. In as much as Twitter can aid you with your marketing ventures, this will also cost you long periods and valuable work efforts if you don’t have a downright plan in mind. Not having a structured flow of Twitter work will have you scrambling for research and relevant sources, but if you spend time working on your Twitter plan, you’ll see how easy it is to do.

One of the basic concerns of planning your tweets is to accumulate interested parties to follow you in the process. This will not only save you from extra time searching for references and interesting tidbits but will also allow you to categorize tasks ahead. You can have a priority listing where you tackle more important tweets first and where you can get twitter followers.

Here are 8 helpful steps you need to follow for a successful tweet plan:


  1. Know Your Audience. Your tweets will not be much of a value if you don’t know who you are referring to in context with the information you tweet. Check possible online users that would best relate to your services or products. These are prospects with whom you would base and center your tweet postings.
  2. Determine Your Tweet Quantity. You must consider how many tweets you will post per day as you wouldn’t want to be deemed redundant or too eager. You will base your quantity on your audience and your current Twitter following status. If you’re just starting up then it’s advisable to double your efforts just to establish your account to Twitter followers.
  3. Determine the duration of your tweet plan. You must also decide on how long your tweet plan should last. To what time range will the plan cover? Of course, this will depend on your own availability to structure yet another tweet plan. Added to that consideration is the current state of your marketing action (if you’re managing a business account) and your audience’s interaction as well.
  4. Find target keywords. Keywords will signify coherence to all of your tweets not to mention centered on your target users. The keywords should be the same as what your audience is using. This will present an easy connection where both parties can relate. You could also specify keyword number to create a more particular and comprehensive tweet approach.
  5. Inject Variation To Tweet’s Format Whether it’s by way of post schedules or the frequency of tweets, you will always have to incorporate a little variation to your Twitter postings. By bending tweet format you also make every keyword flexible. Other than this, you introduce a constant change that will render audience latest updates without the concern of boring them.
  6. Compose Your Tweet Much value is given to written tweets as Twitter prohibits duplication. By way of composing your own tweet, you can create a distinctive approach that would tickle the interest of every possible prospect. Include in your tweets hashtags to compound interrelated tweet sources.
  7. Time Your Tweeting It is not a sound call to chunk tweets all at once. You need to observe intervals for people to come across and read your posting. Releasing all in one time gives you lesser chances of being read and followed. Give out specific tweet time to further enhance your Twitter initiatives.
  8. Schedule After you have finished writing and selected time schedule, your tweets now are ready for publication. You can avail of different Twitter tools in the web that is designed to schedule your tweets.

A tweet plan’s main function is to cover all your tweeting essentials giving you an easy way to reach followers, optimize your account and get the twitter marketingmessage across. It is a means of getting into the core of every user’s interest without compromising the possibility of going astray and irrelevant in the process. If you think you need to accumulate more followers than what you are getting now, tweet plan is the right tool to help you gain the followers that you need and launch a Twitter breakthrough after.

If you need help with creating a tweet plan for a more successful business promotion on Twitter, you can get the services of a Twitter virtual assistant. They are well trained of the ins-and outs of Twitter, including how to make a perfect tweet plan for your business.

Getting Started With Twitter Marketing – 14 Easy Steps To Engage Customers And Attract More!

get twitter followersToday’s marketplace is shaped by constant changes. In just a blink of an eye, a new product is introduced and a new trend lives. Customers in one way or another will be drawn to these developments and may affect their buying behavior. Loyal customers may have a shift in attitude when they come across products or services being mouthed by many as superior to others.

Interaction among customers is getting stronger and their voice becomes louder. This is highlighted with the emerging popularity of social media. Among these platforms, Twitter for one is drawing significant attention ideal not only for socialization but more so with promoting your brand and engaging with your customers.

Twitter presents the opportunity to build relationships through conversations. If you haven’t tried Twitter yet or if you consider yourself a beginner with this social interaction, starting with the right foot is critical. Below are some basic and easy-to-follow tips on how you can start with your Twitter marketing the right way.


  1. Define your purpose. Setting the right direction to your tweets will keep you relevant. Making it related to your products or services is a good way to stay on track.
  2. Learn the tools. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try to make a personal account first and then learn as much and apply what you’ve learned to your brand.
  3. Create concise tweets that fit your brand and objective. Limiting your tweets to around 120 characters will make it easily retweeted. Say for example if your business is concerned with gardening, your tweets could range from planting times to frost warnings.
  4. Add an avatar. For an avatar, you can either use your corporate logo or even your own photo. Just make sure that your choice fits your brand.
  5. Make your background represent your company. Let your background be consistent with how your corporate website looks. You must also keep in mind that your background-text details will look good to any type of monitors. Monitor settings and resolution might affect how your background appears.
  6. twitter marketingSelect the best schedule to post your tweets. Be aware of the different time frames. Keep in mind that the world is open 24/7. Check for the days that your customers or prospects are most likely to be online. Select the scheduler to post your tweets that will expand your market coverage.
  7. Provide links back to your website. Select relevant tweets and include links to your website. This will ease up the process in which people will find you. Nonetheless, don’t overdo it for it may discourage people to follow you.
  8. Set a trial period. Set a trial period, say a minimum of 30 days of consistently posting tweets. Be keen on details and check your progress. Check whether you’re receiving a return on your investment. At the end of the trial period, decide whether you are receiving fruitful results to continue, or whether quitting the campaign will be a better option.
  9. Be responsive. Periodically check your account for comments, retweets, and new followers. Respond when the situation calls for it. Engagement is a key part for a successful Twitter business marketing.
  10. Don’t be a Twitter addict. Be mindful that your objective is to create and enhance relationships. Don’t be glued with Twitter and spend idle time or posting tweets not related to your goals.
  11. Your tweets reflect your brand. Show accountability for your tweets. Your posts reflect your brand image. Be responsible enough to know the right words to say. Also get twitter followers by creating effective tweets.
  12. Think about quality. It is normal that you don’t immediately acquire followers since you’re still a beginner. Focus on quality postings first. The rest will follow.
  13. Have fun. Don’t treat Twitter as pure work. Look at it at a fun way. After all, you are meeting new people, and broadening your horizons. It’s learning while having fun.

Setting up the right tone would ease up the process in every activity that you’re starting with. The above mentioned tips are useful to begin your campaign. Later on, it will lead you to attracting more customers. But if you’re unsure about how you should play the game, follow this last tip:

ASK FOR GUIDANCE! It’s better to ask a stupid question than to commit a stupid mistake. Don’t be hesitant to ask for help from those people who know enough about this marketing tool.

Still not convinced? Start your Twitter marketing now with our Twitter marketers and we’ll engage with your customers just the way you want it!

Earn Customer Goodwill And Brand Awareness Through These 11 Twitter Tips

Twitter marketingCompanies nowadays are penetrating Facebook and Twitter accounts to have a grasp of the significant number of users these social networking sites hold. This is a prevalent strategy; everyone is doing it. Competition is tight and you therefore need to stand out. You should tap your customers’ feelings to gain their trust. Let them see your company as something higher compared to others; a company which they can describe as close to their hearts.

You need to promote goodwill to your customers. You need to show them and make them feel that you’re thinking about their best interest in coming up with plans and actions. In the same manner you need to fuse this with actions that will promote brand awareness.

Of course you’re bound by certain limitations. In the case of Twitter, the way you communicate and the meaning behind your messages might change due to the character limits that you can post. Get Twitter followers as many as possible to take the full advantage of Twitter.  Nonetheless, there are some effective tips on how you can overcome such problems and effectively integrate customer goodwill and brand awareness through Twitter.

Below are 11 helpful tips to guide you in promoting your brand and maintaining goodwill with your customers.


  1. Use Twitter tools wisely.
  2. You can use “Find Other People” or “Search” tool in such a way that it opens up your reach significantly within your targeted industry or area of interest. What you need to do is just type a name or particular concept such as branding, culture, marketing, etc. Moreover, if you type in people in your industry and then find others that are following them, it would give you a much larger scope of your target market.

  3. Track meaningful conversations involving your brand.
  4. Every time people talk about your company and products through social media spells an opportunity for you to engage to those people. You can use Google analytics to learn about commonly used terms. You can then use the keywords and phrases you’ve gathered for a much better brand tracking. Every time you monitor words related to your industry or brand, listen and learn.

    Whenever you see an interesting mention about your brand, engage yourself in the conversation by giving instant support, advocacy, or thanks. In the same manner, if you come across a complaint, engage directly to remedy the issue and turn skeptics into supporters. If you think that you can’t handle the concern on your own or if there is a particular department which can serve your customers better, then you should establish proper processes and channels to make sure important feedback reaches the right individuals and teams within your company.

  5. Post updates regularly.
  6. Sharing your knowledge and resources aimed to help others for case studies, business events, key ideas, etc. is a good way of showing that you care about your customers. Provide relevant links to the information you are posting for additional reference. However you need to be cautious with your posts and make sure that they will not appear as annoying to the customers.

  7. Lead users to your company’s website.
  8. If you continuously share your relevant sources of information to users, it will open the door for you to share info on your products and services, new product or service launches. Learn to read the signs and choose an excellent timing on when to venture to such strategy. You can then point users to your company’s website for additional information or references.

  9. Keep an eye on your competition’s side.
  10. Keeping a close eye on any mention of your chief competitors and people’s reactions on such posts will guide you in crafting the right words to say and the manner of saying it. This will promote better engagement with your customers and eliminate the chance that you will fall for certain errors.

  11. Know your influencers.
  12. Key influencers play a vital part for a successful brand awareness campaign. Browsing the Klout influence scores of your followers will help

    free twitter report

    you in identifying potential ambassadors who can help spread your message. In addition, you can also search the Twitterverse for you to check on people talking about keywords relevant to your brand and sort them by influence scores. Once you have your list of influencers, directly engage with your influencers by giving exclusive offers, sneak previews, or just friendly acknowledgment. Maintaining harmonious relationships with your influencers will be useful for them to back you up in promoting your business to other Twitter followers or users.

  13. Optimize campaign schedules.
  14. Excellent timing will lead to a fruitful delivery of your message. Schedule your campaigns to reach your target audience at a desirable time when they’re most likely to be online. Creating an editorial calendar for your social campaigns will ensure that your brand stays relevant throughout the year.

  15. Offer valuables.
  16. Give people a reason to follow your brand and they will be engaged. Offering discounts and promotions is an attractive strategy. Moreover, if you provide them access to exclusive content, you’ll make them feel like VIP superstars. The trick is to find a way that will arouse the interest of your followers and make them feel important.

  17. Simplify collaborations.
  18. Collaboration is specifically useful when you’re dealing with multiple accounts and teams. Using Twitter dashboard or client tool will ease the flow of communication. Designating person in charge for each account along with team members who can contribute and monitor conversations will prove beneficial in connecting with your audience and will let them feel that they are not left behind.

    Integrating your Twitter activity with a broader Social CRM strategy will be a great way to promote future learning. In such strategy all inbound interactions are cataloged, assigned to the right team or individual, addressed, and analyzed.

  19. Use powerful tools to stay in touch.
  20. Check for tools that will give you a greater view about what’s happening at any given point in time. You can also use some tools that will enable you to create tweet messages in advance and increase your overall productivity. Three common tools that you might want to check out are, and These tools can be used for whatever purpose you might have.

  21. Highlight your human side.
  22. Social networks connect people. With this in mind, let the unique personalities of each person who tweets for your brand shine through. When teams are involved on an account, come up with a strategy that shows sense of accountability for tweets sent. This will allow your customers and fans to get to know the faces behind your brand. When customers know the person they’re talking to, they will develop a sense of camaraderie and would treat the interaction as a friendly communication.

For you to earn customer goodwill and promote brand awareness, you need to put yourself on your customer’s shoes. Know the things that are important to them. Don’t act as a marketer; rather, act like a consumer looking for beneficial interaction and relationship. Twitter may be bound by certain limitations but going the extra mile to earn customer goodwill and enhance brand awareness are more than enough to compensate your efforts.

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