Twitter Pitfalls: 6 Big Mistakes You Should Avoid To Fast-Track Your Twitter Venture

Twitter virtual assistantSometimes in our quest to get the most out of what Twitter can offer we commit more mistakes rather than capitalize on the apparent advantages it presents. This social network can leverage our social media endeavors but we fail to ponder on the essentials that may cause us more harm than good later down the road.

In as much as we want to boost all our efforts to yield the results through Twitter, we may be committing some concrete mistakes that would be a significant constraint to our mission. “Strike while the iron is hot” can be our mantra but you have to take in mind to ‘Strike with caution.’ After all, you wouldn’t want to face some major troubles while venturing into the social media trade.

Here are some significant mistakes that you should avoid to ensure better Twitter calls to action and get away from possible slumps that can be damaging in return.


  1. Insufficient branding
    Twitter holds account for people to visit and follow. The way you present your account would spell out the status of your following. You will just confuse users when you cannot provide concise information about your site. Furthermore, insufficient information cannot get your message across to rally and attract a prospective audience.
  2. Lack of interaction
    Twitter is social network at the helm to begin with. Surely you wouldn’t want to be branded as an introvert whom is content on going solo. This is about online social contact. This is about reaching out to other audiences. You have to learn how to communicate with others and interact with them. Being able to pull this off should mean a great deal of listening and being updated in the process.
  3. Failure to respond
    The concept of benefiting from each other in Twitter is very important. When someone tends to inquire and reach out to you, respond! You should embrace the value in responding to every inquiry. Responding to your audience is a sign that you give much importance to their concerns and will go the extra mile to provide for their demands.
  4. free twitter reportTwitter blast
    Message dissemination can never go wrong as long as you abide by the rules and limits of the network. There are instances that we just go all out and distribute messages through multiple relaying venues. The key is to avoid the general run-and-gun method of appeal where you just blast everything to a load of reception points. Find ways to be interesting and vary information for people to look forward to. Give value to every receiver of your Tweets. It may be much of a detailed function but it sure will get your Twitter page the right accolades it deserves.
  5. Proper metrics
    Sometimes we’re too content on having a good following status that we fail to realize this is just one part of measuring Twitter success. This is more than just having people follow you. The Twitter ecosystem thrives in the concept of interaction. Surely, you would want to be mentioned in other people’s tweet. More than following, you would want to know what these people do on your site, what they look forward to, and what ticks their interest. Your metrics should evolve on how much you have raised up a conversation that stirs your follower’s participation and in what value have you contributed to these exchanges.
  6. No concrete strategy
    Just by opening an account you cannot expect to achieve success. You have to clearly envision your purpose. Never generalize the fact that Twitter functions for the whole community catering to one general need. Your purpose is never the same with the other Twitter users, your set of needs is far more different from theirs. Look ahead, take note of the details and learn to make tweaks if the situation calls for it.

Being aware of these particular mistakes can very well save you from an eventual possible meltdown. It is never right to open an account and let the whole Twittersphere do the job function. In most instances, man is definitely better than machines. It may be an exaggeration but it will prevent you from committing mistakes that will block you from generating a better Twitter marketing result.