Tweet Your Way To Success: A 6-Point Guide To Effective Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a microblogging service designed to post straightforward and up to the point messages. This social network has progressed and developed into a medium amassing a worldwide hoopla. No wonder even business trades have taken its cue and joined in the bandwagon of “tweeting”.

It is, however, glaring that even with the power of Twitter to reach online social communities, there are still marketing ventures that flopped. It must be taken into account that Twitter is not the same as all the other social networking media. It works through brief, concise and simple conversations. Press releases, lengthy marketing copies, and other PR strategies isn’t as much the proper form to relay your business to the public.

Twitter gives much significance to one-to-one interaction with your customers. You have yourself the benefit to get the business in public eye that would stir the online populace’s interest. But, there are many marketing loops that you have to untangle. The social media is just your promotional medium. It is your part to take hold of the important details in the process that won’t compromise how your marketing turns-out in the end.

With constant maintenance and the perks of a free service, your Twitter account can present your business to a wider scope of target clientele. Here are some of the many tips to further boost your business marketing that would spell out a big success for you.

  1. Build-up your business

    Talking about your business using Twitter could provide a framework for online users to see. You may present it in an interesting and entertaining manner so as to promote a jolly, fun atmosphere that would attract people to visit and interact. Updates and other company tidbits would be accessible for people’s reference that would be very useful to them. Inject personality and avoid constant propaganda as this would turn potential clients off.

  2. Tweet about your business updates

    It is a part of your marketing plan to present the best and the latest of what your company has to offer. News stories are very much a fad in the Twittersphere and you have to be involved. Releasing news stories of your own business can make people knowledgeable of your services or products.

  3. Build links

    Try to find sources for your tweets. News headlines, current data and stats should be provided with a link. This will provide traffic in-flow to your site that would best optimize your business. Just make sure you’re linking to a relevant and credible source.

  4. Monitor conversations

    With the aid of Twitter Search feature you can now weigh the feedback customers have on your business. Furthermore, this can also provide you with additional information that would aid in maintaining and improving your commercial trade.

  5. Engage and provide customer support

    It is the value of interaction that would effectively promote your business. Being able to attract and engage people to your site will pave the way for possible exchanges that will benefit both parties. Customer support is the proper venue to answer every client’s inquiry. This would give a good account of your company as people will deem it as a helpful commercial business.

  6. Organize and promote events

    One of the more effective promotional strategies is through requesting potential customers to join and participate in your business’ event. Tweet away invites and schedules for people to take note. After engaging customers, this will be a good way of stabilizing relationships with them.

    It is a proper thing to live by the rules. Remember that Twitter harnesses the spirit of community and being part of one entitles you to follow set standards and rules. With the advent of new social networking mediums and how competition in the business world takes fast-paced motions, it is your utmost mission to avail of the best social networks and get ahead of the pact. Twitter is the real deal to help you achieve all your marketing visions. Bottomline is, business in Twitter can go far; incorporate the “Twitter must-do’s” and you’ll get leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.

    If you’re ready to take your business to Twitter but have no time to manage it, hire our Twitter virtual assistants and we’ll tweet your business to success!