5 Twitter Facts You Should Master for a Successful Twitter Marketing Venture

It is essential that before you plunge into something you hope to turn out big, or to be instrumental to your success, you should have relevant data and facts to back you up. If you do your move via impulse alone, chances are you will stumble along the way. The same idea plays a big part in Internet marketing through Twitter.

Twitter is arguably one of the most talked about social media platforms among marketers.
Because of its relevant influence, more and more people join the craze hoping that in one way or another, they will achieve the same success expert Twitter marketers have achieved.

But Twitter marketing isn’t a game of luck. You need to ponder on important aspects if you would want to make a name in the Twittersphere. Would you put your fate on sheer luck alone? Of course not, you want to be sure with your every move. Although Twitter isn’t costly compared to other social media marketing platforms, you would still spend considerable time and effort for your campaign. For sure, you wouldn’t want to spend such valuable elements only to get results way below your expectations.

To make things easier and to lighten up your mood, here are five facts you ought to know before you set out to market your business on Twitter:

  1. Using a moniker helps.

    You might find it difficult to get a significant number of Twitter followers. If that is the case, then why not try giving yourself a name? Dan Zarrella’s research reveals a list of names you can call yourself to get more followers than the average Twitter account. Among the top five monikers you can use (from 1 to 5) are “official,” “founder,” “speaker,” “expert,” and “guru.” This shows that people naturally follow other people whom they can sense to have authority and some sort of influence.

  2. Twitter users want to learn about your products or services.

    Here are some things that Twitter users perceive or would want to know about a product and service.

    • 42% of Twitter users wish to learn about products and services
    • 41% already provide opinions about them
    • 28% want discounts and offers and 21% claim to purchase products
    • 19% are using Twitter as a customer support platform
  3. Promotional programs with discounts win customers.

    Research shows that 51% of Twitter users follow brands or companies while only 16% do the same on all other social networks. If you want to generate some new top-of-the-line revenue for your business, Twitter would be a great place to start with if you want to focus on attracting new customers. And to do so you should consider putting together a promotional program with discounts to attract those deal hunters.

    You should nonetheless study the pros and cons before you start tweeting discounts to one-time customers who will never pay full-price. This is essential especially if your goal is to build long term relationship with your customers who will want to keep buying from you. Knowing your customers on Twitter will surely boost the effectiveness of your Internet marketing.

  4. Inform, entertain, educate!

    The question about what to tweet is continuously bugging every Twitter user who wants to get noticed. The answer to this really depends on your purpose in using this social media. Based on research, the top five ReTweet content types fall under “News,” “Instructional,” “Entertainment,” “Opinion,” and “Products.”

    In addition, if you want to have a clear basis about the most ReTweetable words, Dan’s research on what to tweet to get the most retweet will help you a lot. The top 5 most ReTweetable words are “you,” “twitter,” “please,” “retweet,” and ‘words.”

  5. Tweeting entails timing.

    Timing plays a significant role in Twitter just as it is significant in email marketing. If you have interesting tweets to share but only have few online followers to see it, the tweet will be a bust.

    Knowing the best schedule to tweet is like adding to your messages’ reaching power. A HubSpot report says that the best day to tweet is Thursday and Friday while the best times to tweet are 3 -5 pm as well as 9 – 11pm Eastern Time.

    Keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t mean you won’t get ReTweets or clicks during off-peak hours. Although off-peak hours give you less traffic to engage, it also translates to less competition. So, learn to manage your time strategically.

Twitter is a great platform to cultivate that budding relationship with your customers. Like any other relationship, you must know how to get your customers attention first and their trust in the end. Like all decisions in business you must first identify your desired outcome before you jump in. A precise business and marketing objective will bring clarity to unrealized assumptions.

Assumptions in marketing should be based on facts and figures. Your ultimate goal is to connect with your customers for you to address their needs and for them to patronize your product or brand. This is a challenging task but with the Twitter facts mentioned above, and with the help of a Twitter virtual assistant, there’s a huge possibility that your Twitter marketing will be a sure fire hit!