#FollowFriday: How This Twitter Trend Helps Build Up A Network For Your Business In No Time

When Michah Baldwin started to tweet about this #FollowFriday, it has become widespread among Twitter users every Friday. Twitter users recommend each other for various reasons. For instance, one user would tweet: “Follow @outsource2vainc because they provide tips and best practices on internet marketing. #FollowFriday.” Other people would then see that tweet and there’s a probability some would follow @outsource2vainctoo just because of the #FF recommendation. Then, somehow you get lucky when the recommender has thousands of followers.

Anyone can be part of it that includes you recommending others too! One of the reasons why it became so popular is because it’s very simple. You can just create a single tweet by figuring out who and why that person is in your #FollowFriday.

Growing Your Business Using #FF

Think about your tweets. Are they worth reading? If they are then you are worth following too. With good content, you influence other people to pay attention. However it doesn’t stop there. Why would they recommend you? Do you have a strong enough connection with someone? Usually the recommender and you are mutually following each other. You reply and re-tweet each other. You have to initiate the conversation first and then proceed with recommending your friend via #Follow Friday.

When you are a regular #FollowFriday user and a recipient, it reaches out to many users! The more you make friends, the more you get into the #FF stream. The more #FF you receive, the greater network you have which then spreads your influence all over the “Twittersphere.” Soon after, they notice your business because of your widespread reach among Twitter users. Imagine a network online, you are able to capture more listeners to your tweets and a better network for marketing your business. And don’t forget to make friends only with users related in your niche. Unless you want to expand to other niches, just be sure your tweets are compatible in other industries.

#FollowFriday Best Practices

After finding an industry-relevant user who also uses #FollowFriday and had a history of conversing with other people, here are good tips to get you started with being a good #FF tweeter.

  • Choose one or two of your friends to make it special.
  • Give a not-so-usual reason why that someone be followed.
  • Do not #FF a list of names without reason.
  • If you’d like to mention two or three people, give a context to what industry they belong.

That is how you grow your business using #FollowFriday. Hopefully you get more in return for your goodwill in recommending other people and continually expanding your business network online. Start now with @outsource2vainc, and we’ll help your business’ Twitter page gather more followers!