5 Points To Prove Twitter Is Way Better Than Email Marketing In Reaching Your Business’ Target Market

Since email marketing has been around for quite some time, there is a definitive value that accounts for its’ business marketing output. Considered to be a trusted data storage function for most commercial trading, it provides a comprehensive list of necessary information that would be deemed useful in future customer transactions.

But recent trends have made significant turns which lead to a drop in email as a primary marketing essential. It has been overtaken by the surge of online social media which caters to a wider, more stratified scope of audiences. Integrating marketing to social networks, just like Twitter, increases the capacity of every business to generate better end-results.

Email marketing, for one, creates more hassles in the fast-paced world of bustling business traffic. You first have to create a target email list. Then create an email program, build up the HTML code and a series of tests to check if all functions are covered. Imagine how much time you will consume just setting-up your own marketing medium!

Twitter has changed the whole process of business marketing. Aside from the perks of free service, it provides user-friendly features and applications that will help lay out all marketing endeavors in no time.

You may think it is far more general to conclude that Twitter is better than email marketing. We lay down five distinct factors that help to prove this claim.

Less Barriers

Twitter has less click-through rates when looking for linked and sourced sites. The more you click would mean more hindrances to a possible visibility and optimization account. Since Twitter has little click-through, users can go from site to site in a short span of time. You can now have a direct access to updates, feeds, news and customer profiles without the wary of sign-ups and a probability of spam.

Lower Costs

Before you can proceed to the mainstream email blast, you first need to build, prep up and finally deploy it. Not to mention the demands to monitor and manage the whole set-up. This takes a hell lot of investments. Yes, you have to rack up a hefty sum in order to get the whole marketing scheme going. Twitter takes the edge out of this aspect. Their service is FREE! You get to enjoy the marketing perks of social media and the constantly evolving features designed to reach your target market easier.


Twitter and email both have the concept of reach to target audiences, but users online would always consider the credibility of every site they come across. Sending through email has a lesser probability of response and regard from the receiver as there is no proof that the source is credible enough to be trusted.

Constant Contact

There is a very thin line between constant email blasts and spamming. Most mail recipients receiving continuous emails would tend to

unsubscribe. Twitter has adapted the concept of a brief, concise but straightforward messaging that would never be too redundant for every follower’s information.

Better Results

Because of a short but straight to the point message dissemination, you would likely get responses and lead to eventually building correspondence to a number of followers in the end.

Every business marketing enterprise should take its cue from the concept of Twitter as a social network. Instead of the spammy message alerts, you will now have to transfer to smartly chunked information from reliable and credible sources.

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