3 Subtle Twitter Marketing Strategies That Will Never Piss Your Followers

Marketing via Twitter is a double-edged sword for every business person wanting to get better exposure. Do it the right way and you’ll reap good yields; do it the other way around and you just have to take a ride downhill. Obvious marketing may sometimes cause a major turn-off to prospective customers. It’s the nagging feeling of desperation that you have to play aggressive and go upfront for the whole market to see. The subtle, discreet approach can sometimes do the deed for you.

Social media is a very upright medium that you need not overdo it. Redundancy and exaggeration can lead to spamming and being blocked. There are just ways to influence people without nagging them. And, this is a foolproof marketing act that will pave the way for better deals in the long run. Here’s how:

  1. Do not sell directly. Let others do the talking for you. Yes, it is vital that you get to present your business for the public to see but it is not a good idea to go blast sales directly to target customers. The purpose of your social network account is to bolster a community that would be a venue for interaction. Your community then will take the cudgels and do the necessary sales on your behalf. They would serve as brand representatives as they make mention of your business in their tweets and make others know about it. This is far better than providing links in Twitter hoping for a possible click through that contains your site. In social media, word of mouth is very much valued and being able to make people talk about your business can stir a relative hype that would cash in a lot more traffic into it.
  2. Cover the bad and emphasize the good. Twitter is such a magnifying online tool every possible bad can be seen. Take for example, a complaint concerning your business. In Twitter, a simple complaint can spread like wildfire and the next thing you know, everybody is talking about it. Imagine how much bad PR this will bring to your trading venture. There are ways to put out the fire and keep it at close range for you to be able to take control of it. A simple act to reach out and a polite response to the complaint cannot relatively settle the issue, but it will tame some angry nerves and eventually stop the relay of the complaint matter. Being able to face it would mean a regard that you’ve responded, take full responsibility and would find ways to look for answers.
  3. Response is the solution. It all needs a constant value of care, regard, and appreciation to be able to get the trust of your target audience. Your responses to their every inquiry would be weighed in and will always matter to them. You may not have the best of solution to every problem but the response would ease out the tension for it will come across that you give value to their concerns and reactions. If you get to provide the right call of action, KUDOS!

The key to Twitter Marketing is to attract followers to get a dose of what you have to offer. The more followers you have, the more chances of selling and presenting your own products. Question is, how can you turn these followers to serve as your business’ PR people spreading your trading goods? Interacting with them could do the trick instead of overwhelming them with a hefty sum of links to look into. Go subtle on your marketing tactics and you’ll notice quite an improvement on your business progress.

If you lack the time to visit your Twitter page for your business, let our Twitter experts market to your customers in a subtle but effective way.