The Tweet Smell of Your Business’ Success: 16 Tools to Measure Your Twitter Influence and Presence

The Tweet Smell of Your Business’ Success: 16 Tools to Measure Your Twitter Influence and PresenceSo you are into Twitter! And how many followers have you got already? More than 2000? Not bad!

However, can you say that you have a solid Twitter influence and presence? How would you know whether your followers are listening or their number is just some form of insignificant figures?

Having more followers is good. But you should not be complacent by just looking at this aspect. The real fun behind Twitter is in getting to know more people, sharing ideas and interacting with them. The keyword is engagement.

There are several tools for measuring engagement on Twitter which defines your influence and presence. Here are some of them:

  1. TweetStats

    This tool helps you find your Twitter frequency, who you retweet and reply to most, the particular time schedule you tweet most, active hours and a lot more.

  2. Twitter Analyzer

    This helps you find out your reader outreach power by presenting you with tweet frequency data on a graph and other information such as tweet retweet count, Readers Reach ,etc.

  3. Tweet Effect tells you how many followers you’ve lost in the last specific number of hours as well as the number of followers you gained during that time. It also gives you an idea of the possible tweets that could have helped you gain or lose followers.

  4. Twinfluence

    This tool helps you find your Reach, Velocity and Social Capital which are three major factors that control your influence and power on Twitter.

  5. The Tweet Smell of Your Business’ Success: 16 Tools to Measure Your Twitter Influence and PresenceTwitter Grader

    This is a very popular tool that tells you about the popular user in your country or region based on number of followers, communication, retweets, influence, etc. Compared to other related tools, Twitter Grader offers a more effective calculation.

  6. Tweet Rush

    This tool will help you find out your average Twitter usage over a period of time. It will help you find out your usage stat, time spent, when, and the frequency that you tweet at a particular time period.

  7. Twitter Rank

    This tool will give you a “Twitter Rank” based on your trust quotient.

  8. Tweet Reach

    It tells you how many impressions your tweets got or simply put, how many people you’ve reached via number of your tweets in a particular time frame.

  9. Twitalyzer

    This is an excellent tool that calculates your influence, signal-noise ratio, and velocity. This tool also allows you to calculate a score for any other Twitter user you want to keep tabs on. The displayed increases and decreases to your influence over time can be used to test the positive or negative impact of new Twitter strategies.

  10. TweetGrid or Twilert

    You can use this tool to search under multiple keywords and get email alerts when someone in the Twitosphere is talking about your brand or any other related matters.

  11. Tweettronics

    Tweettronics offers you variety of functions. It is a Twitter analytics and Social Media monitoring tool that will help you to track your brand’s presence on social media and measure its mileage while giving you the opportunity to engage with your audience as well as the chance to find potential clients/friends.Moreover, this tool gives you extensive information like Topic and Keyword search, advanced search capability including tweets by location and time, automatic updating of searches, preservation of all found tweets, automated analysis, reports and more.

  12. Twitter Stats

    This social media measuring tool helps you measure the Twitter trends for particular keywords which could possibly be your brand or product.

  13. Tweetbuzzer

    This tool constantly monitors Twitter for brand mentions, and displays on a scroll board. It also shows some basic social media analytics such as how many times the brand was mentioned on Twitter for a particular day, how has the trend is behaving (either grown or dipped in percentage) and how many tweets were done in a particular day which mentioned your brand.
    In addition, this tool also provides you with a list of most tweeted/mentioned brand on the Internet.

  14. Klout

    This tool will give you a list of the most popular “influencers” for a particular brand. If you want to know who’s the most influential Twitter user who’s airing out opinions about your brand, then Klout will serve you best.

  15. MicroPlaza

    This Twitter analytics tool shows you how many times a story/article about you have been tweeted, how many retweeted it and so on.

  16. Tweetvolume

    This Twitter analytics comparison tool lets you compare brand presence on Twitter. This is very useful for brand monitoring as it scans, mentions, and compares them on to a chart showing who’s better than who.

Don’t be too confident about the number of your followers. Make sure that every effort you exert counts. Be analytical. It’s not as tough as you think. You can always run to virtual Twitter marketers who are expert in using these analytics tools that will help you with your endeavor in a fun and insightful way. With these tools, the tweet smell of your business’ success will linger in your nostrils.