Three Beneficial Ways You Can Integrate Twitter As A Tool For Your Business

Integration is a powerful strategy for business improvement. If you apply the things you learn from a certain platform to your business, it will provide a solid result foundation for success. It conforms to the rule of synergy. The growing popularity of Twitter makes it an attractive source of information and knowledge you can apply to your business. It presents several bright aspects ideal for business integration.

The constant stream of communication present in Twitter translates to endless opportunity for business development. Below are three ways you can integrate Twitter as a tool to enhance your business.

  1. Increase sales inquiries.
  2. Following the right people who are considered as online community builders is a key starting step. Learning from these skilled individuals will give you an idea on how to get Twitter followers to action. You should be observant on what people are talking about. You can use Twitter to present useful information and resources to your followers, and in no time, you’ll realize there’s an increased number of inquiries about your business.

  3. Promote deeper interaction.
  4. Twitter is an excellent venue for you to interact with respected players in your niche. These people whom you look up to also have their own Twitter accounts. Other than the conventional cold call on the phone and e-mail response, Twitter will give you the chance to imprint your name in front of vendors, industry analysts, and industry experts through meaningful conversation and exchange of ideas.

    For you to be placed in the minds of experts, offering interesting links, responding to tweets, and regular posting of thoughts for conversation (i.e. at least a few times a day) will help.
    Are you beginning to see the potential here?

  5. Collaborate with other social media.
  6. Another attractive aspect oft Twitter is its support applications you can employ to other social media or research platforms. Below are some useful applications that serve a lot of purpose.

    TwitterFox: This application allows you to view Tweets within your web browser in a popup menu. This promotes time efficiency since the need to constantly go to is minimized.

    TweetLater: This service allows you to plan ahead or schedule tweets at a desirable time. In addition, it gives you the ability to receive email digests of keyword activity in the Twittersphere. This is ideal in tracking topics and trends and facilitates in conversation involvement. This site gives you the ability to post updates across ALL of your social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) in one single step.

    Twitter for Facebook: Your Twitter updates will be forwarded directly to Facebook status updates by using this application.

Twitter is emerging to be a focal point for relevant market topics and trends. It’s an ideal gateway to promote brand awareness to your customers. You must, however, learn how to conform to the rules. Like any other social media platforms, people’s primary reason in using Twitter is to connect with other people. You should therefore act as one of them. Don’t be too aggressive in promoting your business, though. Provide them with relevant tweets and be credible and responsible with what you post. Learn how to gain people’s trust through engagement and the rest will follow. Check out our Twitter virtual assistants – they know what Twitter is and how it can help your business big time!