Getting Started With Twitter Marketing – 14 Easy Steps To Engage Customers And Attract More!

get twitter followersToday’s marketplace is shaped by constant changes. In just a blink of an eye, a new product is introduced and a new trend lives. Customers in one way or another will be drawn to these developments and may affect their buying behavior. Loyal customers may have a shift in attitude when they come across products or services being mouthed by many as superior to others.

Interaction among customers is getting stronger and their voice becomes louder. This is highlighted with the emerging popularity of social media. Among these platforms, Twitter for one is drawing significant attention ideal not only for socialization but more so with promoting your brand and engaging with your customers.

Twitter presents the opportunity to build relationships through conversations. If you haven’t tried Twitter yet or if you consider yourself a beginner with this social interaction, starting with the right foot is critical. Below are some basic and easy-to-follow tips on how you can start with your Twitter marketing the right way.


  1. Define your purpose. Setting the right direction to your tweets will keep you relevant. Making it related to your products or services is a good way to stay on track.
  2. Learn the tools. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try to make a personal account first and then learn as much and apply what you’ve learned to your brand.
  3. Create concise tweets that fit your brand and objective. Limiting your tweets to around 120 characters will make it easily retweeted. Say for example if your business is concerned with gardening, your tweets could range from planting times to frost warnings.
  4. Add an avatar. For an avatar, you can either use your corporate logo or even your own photo. Just make sure that your choice fits your brand.
  5. Make your background represent your company. Let your background be consistent with how your corporate website looks. You must also keep in mind that your background-text details will look good to any type of monitors. Monitor settings and resolution might affect how your background appears.
  6. twitter marketingSelect the best schedule to post your tweets. Be aware of the different time frames. Keep in mind that the world is open 24/7. Check for the days that your customers or prospects are most likely to be online. Select the scheduler to post your tweets that will expand your market coverage.
  7. Provide links back to your website. Select relevant tweets and include links to your website. This will ease up the process in which people will find you. Nonetheless, don’t overdo it for it may discourage people to follow you.
  8. Set a trial period. Set a trial period, say a minimum of 30 days of consistently posting tweets. Be keen on details and check your progress. Check whether you’re receiving a return on your investment. At the end of the trial period, decide whether you are receiving fruitful results to continue, or whether quitting the campaign will be a better option.
  9. Be responsive. Periodically check your account for comments, retweets, and new followers. Respond when the situation calls for it. Engagement is a key part for a successful Twitter business marketing.
  10. Don’t be a Twitter addict. Be mindful that your objective is to create and enhance relationships. Don’t be glued with Twitter and spend idle time or posting tweets not related to your goals.
  11. Your tweets reflect your brand. Show accountability for your tweets. Your posts reflect your brand image. Be responsible enough to know the right words to say. Also get twitter followers by creating effective tweets.
  12. Think about quality. It is normal that you don’t immediately acquire followers since you’re still a beginner. Focus on quality postings first. The rest will follow.
  13. Have fun. Don’t treat Twitter as pure work. Look at it at a fun way. After all, you are meeting new people, and broadening your horizons. It’s learning while having fun.

Setting up the right tone would ease up the process in every activity that you’re starting with. The above mentioned tips are useful to begin your campaign. Later on, it will lead you to attracting more customers. But if you’re unsure about how you should play the game, follow this last tip:

ASK FOR GUIDANCE! It’s better to ask a stupid question than to commit a stupid mistake. Don’t be hesitant to ask for help from those people who know enough about this marketing tool.

Still not convinced? Start your Twitter marketing now with our Twitter marketers and we’ll engage with your customers just the way you want it!