Earn Customer Goodwill And Brand Awareness Through These 11 Twitter Tips

Twitter marketingCompanies nowadays are penetrating Facebook and Twitter accounts to have a grasp of the significant number of users these social networking sites hold. This is a prevalent strategy; everyone is doing it. Competition is tight and you therefore need to stand out. You should tap your customers’ feelings to gain their trust. Let them see your company as something higher compared to others; a company which they can describe as close to their hearts.

You need to promote goodwill to your customers. You need to show them and make them feel that you’re thinking about their best interest in coming up with plans and actions. In the same manner you need to fuse this with actions that will promote brand awareness.

Of course you’re bound by certain limitations. In the case of Twitter, the way you communicate and the meaning behind your messages might change due to the character limits that you can post. Get Twitter followers as many as possible to take the full advantage of Twitter.  Nonetheless, there are some effective tips on how you can overcome such problems and effectively integrate customer goodwill and brand awareness through Twitter.

Below are 11 helpful tips to guide you in promoting your brand and maintaining goodwill with your customers.


  1. Use Twitter tools wisely.
  2. You can use “Find Other People” or “Search” tool in such a way that it opens up your reach significantly within your targeted industry or area of interest. What you need to do is just type a name or particular concept such as branding, culture, marketing, etc. Moreover, if you type in people in your industry and then find others that are following them, it would give you a much larger scope of your target market.

  3. Track meaningful conversations involving your brand.
  4. Every time people talk about your company and products through social media spells an opportunity for you to engage to those people. You can use Google analytics to learn about commonly used terms. You can then use the keywords and phrases you’ve gathered for a much better brand tracking. Every time you monitor words related to your industry or brand, listen and learn.

    Whenever you see an interesting mention about your brand, engage yourself in the conversation by giving instant support, advocacy, or thanks. In the same manner, if you come across a complaint, engage directly to remedy the issue and turn skeptics into supporters. If you think that you can’t handle the concern on your own or if there is a particular department which can serve your customers better, then you should establish proper processes and channels to make sure important feedback reaches the right individuals and teams within your company.

  5. Post updates regularly.
  6. Sharing your knowledge and resources aimed to help others for case studies, business events, key ideas, etc. is a good way of showing that you care about your customers. Provide relevant links to the information you are posting for additional reference. However you need to be cautious with your posts and make sure that they will not appear as annoying to the customers.

  7. Lead users to your company’s website.
  8. If you continuously share your relevant sources of information to users, it will open the door for you to share info on your products and services, new product or service launches. Learn to read the signs and choose an excellent timing on when to venture to such strategy. You can then point users to your company’s website for additional information or references.

  9. Keep an eye on your competition’s side.
  10. Keeping a close eye on any mention of your chief competitors and people’s reactions on such posts will guide you in crafting the right words to say and the manner of saying it. This will promote better engagement with your customers and eliminate the chance that you will fall for certain errors.

  11. Know your influencers.
  12. Key influencers play a vital part for a successful brand awareness campaign. Browsing the Klout influence scores of your followers will help

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    you in identifying potential ambassadors who can help spread your message. In addition, you can also search the Twitterverse for you to check on people talking about keywords relevant to your brand and sort them by influence scores. Once you have your list of influencers, directly engage with your influencers by giving exclusive offers, sneak previews, or just friendly acknowledgment. Maintaining harmonious relationships with your influencers will be useful for them to back you up in promoting your business to other Twitter followers or users.

  13. Optimize campaign schedules.
  14. Excellent timing will lead to a fruitful delivery of your message. Schedule your campaigns to reach your target audience at a desirable time when they’re most likely to be online. Creating an editorial calendar for your social campaigns will ensure that your brand stays relevant throughout the year.

  15. Offer valuables.
  16. Give people a reason to follow your brand and they will be engaged. Offering discounts and promotions is an attractive strategy. Moreover, if you provide them access to exclusive content, you’ll make them feel like VIP superstars. The trick is to find a way that will arouse the interest of your followers and make them feel important.

  17. Simplify collaborations.
  18. Collaboration is specifically useful when you’re dealing with multiple accounts and teams. Using Twitter dashboard or client tool will ease the flow of communication. Designating person in charge for each account along with team members who can contribute and monitor conversations will prove beneficial in connecting with your audience and will let them feel that they are not left behind.

    Integrating your Twitter activity with a broader Social CRM strategy will be a great way to promote future learning. In such strategy all inbound interactions are cataloged, assigned to the right team or individual, addressed, and analyzed.

  19. Use powerful tools to stay in touch.
  20. Check for tools that will give you a greater view about what’s happening at any given point in time. You can also use some tools that will enable you to create tweet messages in advance and increase your overall productivity. Three common tools that you might want to check out are TweetDeck.com, SocialOomph.com and TweetScan.com. These tools can be used for whatever purpose you might have.

  21. Highlight your human side.
  22. Social networks connect people. With this in mind, let the unique personalities of each person who tweets for your brand shine through. When teams are involved on an account, come up with a strategy that shows sense of accountability for tweets sent. This will allow your customers and fans to get to know the faces behind your brand. When customers know the person they’re talking to, they will develop a sense of camaraderie and would treat the interaction as a friendly communication.

For you to earn customer goodwill and promote brand awareness, you need to put yourself on your customer’s shoes. Know the things that are important to them. Don’t act as a marketer; rather, act like a consumer looking for beneficial interaction and relationship. Twitter may be bound by certain limitations but going the extra mile to earn customer goodwill and enhance brand awareness are more than enough to compensate your efforts.

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