5 Tips for Writing a Twitter Bio that Speaks About YOU!

Delivering short messages with great effect is comparable to how comedians entertain people with short punch lines. It requires creativity and the right play of words. This is evident in Twitter, which serves as a platform for expression of your thoughts in a short and sweet manner. With Twitter’s word count limitation, it presents a great challenge for every marketer to effectively convey their brand message.

This is a great way to exercise your mind and extract those creative juices. Status updates and tweets all reflect some mind storms. Despite this challenge, Twitter still managed to get the nod of several users to be considered as one of the most effective advertising platforms. For most users, Twitter has always been an effective social media tool, for the following reasons:

  • Twitter is a place where we learn about new things.
  • The followers can be considered as your ambassadors.
  • Different interests are shared on this social network.

It is therefore vital for you to accept Twitter’s challenge with a creative mindset. You can start this with your own Twitter bio. Here are some tips that will help you make yours really interesting:

  1. Pick the right words

    A Thesaurus can be of great help on this step. You have to know how to pick words with fewer characters. Just make sure that the meaning have the same effect, though. Why pick “choose” when you can choose “pick”?

  2. Avoid adverbs.

    Always think that adverbs can affect the content’s meaning. On Twitter, you can use them, but maybe not too often. Or better yet, stop using them.

  3. Integrate Keywords in it.

    Twitter and everything in it are also used for searching purposes. Injecting keywords in your bio will make your profile popular and most sought after, at least in your targeted niche.

  4. Set your priorities.

    You have to make sure that your goals are focused in your bio. Indicate what your business is for so your readers will know from reading your profile.

  5. Be simple.

    Simple words can tell the whole meaning. Simple, right?

Following the above mentioned list will give you considerable leverage on Twitter. Moreover, you should keep in mind the things you need to avoid, such as quoting others with “zero relevancy” and business benefits and the dilemma of not reviewing the bio to keep it 160 characters long. Every character counts; use them wisely.

The above mentioned tips are concise yet helpful enough to guide you in attracting more Twitter followers. It’s not the length of words that actually matters; it’s the idea behind those words and the thought that comes out once those words get through to your target market. That means it’s important for your target audience understand and appreciate the thought you want to deliver.

With the help of a Twitter Virtual Assistant, start creating the best bio for your profile!